About Us

Duct Excel Company Limited was established on 16 January 1995. We first begin by being the sole distributor of flexible duct manufactured by DEC International, a manufacturer of the high-quality air duct in the Netherlands. Then we begin manufacturing air ducts locally under DEC International quality control. In production, we import machinery and raw material from DEC International in order to ensure that our products have the same quality. Our policy is to produce and manufacture high-quality air ducts with high-speed delivery. Our objectives are

  1. For our customers to receive high-quality air ducts.
  2. For our customers to receive products quickly with fast delivery
  3. For our customers to get the most of the products, we will provide professional consultation and recommendations.
  4. For our customers to achieve the highest level of satisfaction, we will build relationships with customers in order to learn about their needs and to improve our products.

In order to ensure the highest satisfaction for our customers in terms of both product and service, we have established a system to make sure that our staff is educated about their work and work process. To make this possible we have strived for international certification and have received ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2017. By receiving international certification, Duct Excel pleasures to be one of the companies that are