Duct Excel Company Limited was established on 16 January 1995. We first begin by being the sole distributor of flexible duct manufactured by DEC International, a manufacturer of high-quality air duct in The Netherlands. Then we begin manufacturing air ducts locally under DEC International quality control. In production, we import machinery and raw material from DEC International in order to ensure that our products have the same quality. Our policy is to produce and manufacture high quality air ducts with high speed delivery.

Flexible Duct


Fully flexible, lightweight aluminium laminated duct, suitable for low/medium pressure air conditioning and ventilation systems. Easy to install over either oval or round connections. At high temperatures, or in the case of fire, no toxic or gas emission. The tough standard 3-layer aluminium laminated construction encapsulates a high tensile steel wire helix.



PID Panels are suitable air duct system for clean air environment, covering of lower initial cost, lower weight of duct & support, saving installation cost and time. With standardized production process, we have imported production machine from Korea. The technique, quality and practical values of SAKE MACHINERY are leading in PID insulation industry, which is one of best PID panel machineries in the world. Production Machinery is not only modern technology, energy saving but also environmentally friendliness.